This site is dedicated to a long overdue change in the way we approach education. It’s about reality based teaching and using real people with real stories infused into mainstream curriculum to create a learning experience. It goes beyond the text books and GOOGLE searches to bring history and current affairs to life.

About Frank:
For 30 years Frank has traveled the country with his groundbreaking award winning education programs. His accolades include two congressional citations and several New York State Senate Education awards. He is a recipient of the prestigious Liberty Medal and SCOPE Award for outstanding citizenship.

About Educational Program:
To reach a larger audience Frank has made his programs available on an educational platform for use in classrooms, assemblies, and workshops. All programs are reality based with real people with real stories. Each program deals with today’s issues and touches post trauma, suicide, homelessness, and family. They are compatible with psychology, history, humanities, and art therapy.

What’s Available:
Full Length Edition: 79 minutes
PBS Special Edition: 60 minutes
Classroom Edition: 35 minutes

The classroom edition breaks down personal interviews from the film with Frank’s narration. It
includes conversations on suicide, homelessness, and family life.

The curriculum format is a 5 day concentration of veterans issues from the Civil War to the
present. Comparison of soldiers’ life during and after war are not only a history lesson but it
sheds light on the ongoing plight of today’s veterans.

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Walk With Frank, Inc. (EIN 82-3694913) is a registered not-for-profit 501-C3 tax exempt organization with a mission statement to educate in the area of mental health specifically post trauma, suicide, and homelessness.