Behind The Scenes

Catskill Veterans Outreach Center 

Stamford NY 

Today’s Walk With Frank sponsored conference featured some of Delaware County’s most dedicated advocates for veterans in the state. The statistics surrounding this rural area are astonishing. Some years they have as many as 13 veteran suicides. 

We sat and talked about reasons why such an unpopulated area of New York suffers such a harsh reality.


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  1. While Delaware County has the 3rd highest rate of suicide in New York State, the average rate for 2013-2016 was 9 per year; those deaths were not specific to veteran’s.
    I enjoyed meeting you and the “team” at the Catskill’s Veteran’s Outreach Center. I was touched by the candid conversations we had about your collective life’s journeys. While hard to listen to at times, they are all stories that need to be told so, we can all gain a better understanding of the challenges our veterans and their families face on a daily basis. I’m been motivated to do more than simply “Thanking a Veteran for their Services.” I will be actively be joining Jason & Tracey in getting the word out about their wonderful & caring Center.

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