A Day In The Life Of

A Walk With Frank Day 

“A day in the life of” for me means meeting wonderful people each with a story to tell. 

This morning Courtney Messina messaged me to ask where I was and that she would track me down. Well, she did! Courtney brought me a bag full of snacks, bottles of water, and a great big smile and hug. Thank you Courtney. 

Next was Merina from  Dobbs Ferry NY who’s son is a Marine and just returned from Afghanistan safely. With tears in her eyes she hugged me so hard and wouldn’t let go as she thanked me. Your welcome. 

Next was Mary Beth who’s husband also returned safely from Afghanistan. Mary Beth was a village Meter Maid in Hastings On The Hudson NY and we sat and talked for awhile on village bench. You are a gracious lady. 

OMG Next meet my new best friends the early, I mean early, afternoon bar crowd at the Broadway Bar and Grill in Irvington NY. As I walked past they saw the flag and immediately the bar emptied out. That included the bartender, “Who’s minding the store “? It took 4 tries to get this pic and you don’t want to see the other three. Lmao 

Today was a good day. Thank you all for making my day special. “Peace Out” from Rt 9.

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