Advocating for PTSD/VETERANS

During the month of May I will be traveling throughout NewYork State promoting the Walk With Frank initiative. This week I am in the New York State Capital Building in Albany on the chamber floor addressing members of the general assembly while in session. I’ve had the opportunity to speak with numerous members from all over the state. Seantor Phil Boyle from my home district has been advocating for the Walk With Frank campaign as we gain momentum across the state. Members are now standing up and taking notice to who and what we are. I’ve received nothing but open arms and a “thank you for walking through my district and shedding light on needed issues” from all I meet. This growing movement will serve as an example for the rest of the country to follow to make the needed changes.

Senator Phil Boyle and I discuss PTSD

Advocating for policy change and opening a dialogue for more education programs like my “THE ART OF WAR” I mingle amongst the policy makers of New York State.

Please help me to continue my fight for PTSD and the future of the mental health of the veteran community during Mental Health Awareness Month. Please donate just $20, or more, today to keep the fight alive. Just $20 says you care and want change. Please go to and donate. Thank you


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