Approaching a Milestone

Cortland NY

Cortland approaches another milestone in our journey and closes out the tenure of the first ground support team. Mike and Nadine have been by my side for two years preparing for this journey.

In a few days we will part ways for the time being as Commander Bob Honey takes the helm. We have walked through blizzards, sub zero temps, and 80 mile an hour winds together. Side by side brothers and sisters have reached out to us in solidarity for PTSD and veterans issues.

We’ve made friends with the homeless and those that care for them. Educators, students, and veteran service officers dedicating their lives to helping others. We’ve introduced the students of New York State to the veterans of New York State by simply putting one foot in front of the other and opening up our hearts.

Mike, my oldest friend in the world, and Nadine a childhood friend shared their lives with me to help others. I will be eternally grateful for their love and friendship.

This is the essence of life.


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