APRIL 30, 1975, THE END

APRIL 30, 1975

Name: Romeo, Frank
Rank: E-4, Corporal
Serial Number: RA 11835929
Status: Psychiatric, Inpatient

Veterans Administration Medical Center Northport New York

Frank Romeo…..”on April 30, 1975 I was in a psychiatric ward at the Veterans Hospital in Northport New York trying to get a handle on the images in my head…..suddenly I was bombarded with images on TV of a society in ruins that I helped create…..it was bizarre to say the least that I should be subject to more of this nonsense or was this my penance…..perhaps I should relive it over and over again until it changes or until I figure it out…..in any event I had no choice but to watch the horror once again…..how could this happen, was it all in vane, what would happen to these people”…..

…..”the city I fought so hard to protect was gone, the city we bled and died for was gone and in its place was the apocalypse. In despare, I looked away and took my meds”…..

I am a prime example of what we do to our children. We send them off to war unprepared, unaware, and without the proper tools to cope. We ask them to do unimaginable tasks that no one could possibly wrap their minds around.

The Walk With Frank campaign is about change and the future of our children.


Go to WalkWithFrank.org and donate, every little bit helps ensure we restore dignity and hope to our veteran community and their future.

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