Frank has worked tirelessly with his award winning program THE ART OF WAR. For 30 years he has traveled the country teaching and advocating for PTSD awareness at the educational level. He feels his message of pre-education before military service will help build a strong country and help our veterans when they return to deal with today’s social issues.

Frank…..”the last time we fought for our homeland and our way of life was the Civil War….since then it’s been an away game and our team has been on the road…..for 150 years we have sent our children off to war mentally unprepared”…..

In 2018 Bay Shore School District in conjunction with Frank has piloted a new groundbreaking curriculum that addresses the American Soldier throughout history. Students will not just study a war, a battle, or a policy but they will delve into the psyche and heart of the people who fight for our country. They will study first-hand what it means to be a soldier, a veteran and why they put themselves in harms way. They will learn about sacrifice and patriotism.

Frank has inspired educators and students alike for decades with his work as he now launches this new program. In the spring of 2019 Walk With Frank will walk throughout New York State advocating for “The Experience of the American Soldier”. Veterans from all wars and from all generations will come together in solidarity for veterans issues.

Frank…..”we honor our past veterans for their service while we tend to the wounds of our present….”now with this new curriculum we lay the groundwork for our future veterans, we leave our legacy”…..

This Social Studies inquiry unit plan was developed collaboratively by representatives of the Bay Shore Social Studies Team to provide curricular support for Mr. Frank Romeo’s The Art of War and Walk With Frank programs for students in United States History and Government 11.

Inquiry Unit Compelling Question: Is the experience of the soldier one of continuity or change throughout American history?

NYS Social Studies Framework Citations: United States History and Government 11: 11.3c; 11.6b; 11.8b; 11.9a

Inquiry Unit Learning Target: I am able to: identify enduring issues in historical documents in order to determine if the experience of the American soldier is one of continuity or change.

Motivational Introduction: Students will observe a brief video clip presenting the experience of sacrifice and “returning home” for American soldiers in recent conflicts.

Key Question: Does this represent the homecoming experience for all American soldiers throughout the history of American conflicts?

Transition: Teacher will facilitate class discussion about the sacrifices of soldiers (and their families) and similarities and differences in the characteristics of the soldiers’ return home across conflicts in United States history.

Sequence of Activities:

  1. Teacher presents the video clip
  2. Teacher facilitates whole-class transition discussion (see above)
  3. Students complete cooperative learning task whereby teams analyze and interpret assigned documents (i.e., letters reflecting the soldiers’ experiences in conflicts in United States history: Civil WarWorld War IWorld War IIKorean War, and Vietnam War) and complete the corresponding chart indicating perceived enduring issues with supportive evidence

Inquiry Unit Closure: In written response, students will address the following question by referencing at least one enduring issue reflected in at least three of the documents:
Is the experience of the soldier one of continuity or change throughout American history? Be sure to support your position with specific supportive evidence from the sources.