May I first wish all of my Christian and Jewish brothers and sisters a most peaceful and blessed holiday season from the Walk With Frank Team. Also, HAPPY SPRING! This is the time of year for new beginnings and that is why we’ve chosen to launch Walk With Frank at this time. 

The WalkWithFrank.org website is full of information about us, our goals, and the ways and means by which we intend to proceed. There will be updates, stories, and input from team members as well as the actual day to day stories I encounter while in the shelters. As we work this year to put together a national movement we will update our followers to our progress. Please check back regularly and keep sharing our video and the WalkWithFrank.org website. 

We invite any and all to participate at some level and that doesn’t just mean donating money. We need logistical help, promotional help, and a lot of support. This is not just a New York State issue but a national one. A movement of this magnitude is beyond any one of us and so we ask for any and all help. The problems we are addressing are non partisan they are social and impact all of us. No matter where you reside you can see and feel their influence on society. At any time throughout this campaign please don’t hesitate to contact us with ideas, comments, and most importantly the urge to participate. Together we can change an archaic systemic approach to issues needing attention. 


It is with the humblest of intentions we thank you for a most gracious welcome yesterday and sincerely hope to hear from each of you both on social media and on the trail. 

Peace and Love, 

Frank Romeo
Walk With Frank Inc.


  1. Frank, Thank You for piloting this Project! I have not served, but a close friend of mine was in ‘Nam and was hit with Agent Orange among experiencing all the horrors of this event. He came home and has suffered tremendously. The VA has not been willing to help him even after all the letters and pleas for some help. He is living in almost poverty, and cannot work. He cannot even answer my emails due to his fingers “burn like on a hot griddle” if he types on a keyboard. He is lucky to have neighbors that help and assist him. His ‘nickname’ is “Doc S” in Pennsylvania.
    I am grateful for coming across your Project. I will be following it on a continuum. My Prayers and support will be there for you, and others involved.

    1. Thank you Kenneth I appreciate your letter. I too am an Agent Orange recipient. I am on registry for Agent Orange and sued Dow Chemicals for their involvement in this cover up lie along with our government. I have two children that are hearing impaired with auditory processing disorders which make them learning disabled. I sympathize with Doc S on every level. It’s people like him that society has forgotten that I retailiate the way I do. I have championed many projects like Walk With Frank over the last thirty years but none as big or complex as this one so I need all the help I can get. Please keep following me and spread the word. If we stand together perhaps we can make a difference. Give my best to Doc S and tell him there are people who care. Sincerely Frank

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