Hitting The Road

The time has come! With all the hoopla this weekend it was time to begin the task of covering ground. Family, friends, film crew, and ground support have energized me beyond my limits. I’m so grateful for the support I’ve received from everyone. I’m humbled by the entire event. 

I closed up the Airbnb and headed out to do some hiking. It was a cold blustery day with wind chill reaching well below zero. Nadine, my hiking partner for the day, was by my side as we crossed a parking lot to reach Mike. Camped outside of town we headed to meet Jeff Glaze the  head vet of Niagara County. Jeff has worked with me this past year to make my Western New York (WNY) visit a success. Tomorrow we head to North Tonawanda High School and have an event set up by Jeff. Students, educators, elected officials, and veterans all come together to learn, to share, and move forward as one.


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