Walk With Frank March Update

This past year a core group of volunteer Bay Shore High School Alumni, my high school classmates, have come together to help me. Together we have created the Walk With Frank Team. Through their efforts we have recruited a powerful team of senators, congressmen, prominent business people, corporations, veterans agencies, nonprofit veterans outreach programs, educational institutions, and concerned citizens to our cause. They all have chosen to “Walk With Frank” both spiritually and literally through their concern over social issues.

You can imagine the scope of this project is well beyond any one person and so to keep all aspects of the project running smoothly we publish a monthly newsletter or update. Please go to and click on the Blog tab to read this months newsletter.

Frank’s March Update:

Hello Walk With Frank Followers,

The Walk With Frank Team has been working on almost every aspect of the project with great success and help from other team members behind the scenes. The announcement of the Walk With Frank project was received well and through Facebook we acquired many new followers. I alone this week have 50 new friend requests from the Walk With Frank Facebook page. Facebook gave us a special one time offer to advertise and I took advantage of it. We are being posted throughout the U.S. For the next 10 days. That means if people see our video and share it as requested we may be seen by thousand and thousands of people. I am also in the process of establishing a Twitter account which will further get our name out there.

Once again I have net with NYS Senator Tom Croci’s office, the senator is the chairperson on the veterans affairs council of NYS Senators. He has appointed a staff member to help us for any and all help we need. This is a huge step for us around the state where I am less known. The results, some of which are enclosed, are posted below.

This month I have orchestrated a meeting between myself, Tom Roynane (head of Suffolk county veterans agency), Chet Stripland (our resident veterans affairs committee), Dennis DeVivo (special events coordinator), and Nadine and Mike Masiello project coordinators) to discuss moving forward throughout the state and our options for doing so, (Group Meeting). Nadine, Mike, and Dennis sat in via conference call on the Group Meeting.

Countless hours have been spent between Myself and Ray Betinelli on our social media sites and hosting issues. I have reinforced the importance of our website and if you haven’t read each tab on the site please do so, there is so much information. We are writing stories and posting info each week on the Blog to get and keep people engaged. We are using it, writing in it, and sharing it as much as possible.

Susan Barbash and I have also spent countless hours on the rewrite of the formal proposal for potential donors. Colleen Grady and I have also worked together this month in the THE ART OF WAR presentation to promote Walk With Frank.

After promoting Walk With Frank Chanel 12 has contacted me to discuss a special on our project next year. I am meeting with representatives from the network this week to work out a direction for the special. This is also a huge step for us. Not only will a million people see Walk With Frank but it will give us clout upstate. The rest of the state will follow NYC’s lead and help gain footing. I will keep you posted.

Our route is complete and Steve Musso has a 750 mile itinerary down to a mile by mile and street by street itinerary. This was a daunting task.

Next month I will be traveling around New York State promoting Walk With Frank. If anyone has any support as far as lodging and contact people please let us know. Every little bit helps.

As you can see I have been very busy and so I have asked Joan Judd for assistance. Along with research, where she has done a tremendous job, Joan will be my assistant and helping with appointments, scheduling, and promotional venues throughout the state. At this point things are getting busy and piling up and everyones support and help are essential. The publics support and involvement is becoming more and essential to the success of the mission.

Till next month the Walk With Frank Team thanks everyone for your support and sharing this most important project.

Frank Romeo
Walk With Frank Inc.

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