Richards House Part 2


The Men of Richards House

As in family, as in the military, as in life, there is a pecking order to a homeless shelter.

There is the house mom that gives the personal touch to the men. Meet “Doc” Dawson!

There is the caring over the top wanna be therapist that doles out help even when it’s not asked for. Meet Jake!

Then there is the guy that knows everything there is to know about being homeless and his name is Mack.

Meet Mack!

Meet “Doc” Dawson!

Meet Jake!


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  1. This presentation makes the journey a personal experience.PTSD is not about behavior, it is about emotions and feelings. All the men presented here are heroes.Through these interviews, we can see that these guys are struggling, but they are strong and determined.A person watching these interviews have to be drawn in. It’s inevitable. I will be back each day. I am craving to see MORE.

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