Student and Veteran

Nicholas is 18 years old and a freshman at Binghamton University. Joining the Walk With Frank Team for a few days we discussed today’s issues over dinner.

The war in Iraq started before Nicholas was conceived and still continues to be in the forefront of today’s issues. Although he most likely will not go to war he and his generation will be asked to pay for it for the rest of their working lives.

This is a concept the younger generation grapples with and a topic Nicholas and I discussed. Four minutes drawn from hours of conversation starts a round table discussion.

Commander Honey spent 33 years in the Navy and commanded three separate ships on three separate missions. His most important mission was to retrieve the capsule from the Space Shuttle Challeger after it exploded. His dive team worked for four months on the bottom of the ocean floor. Honey disproved the theory that the astronauts died from the explosion by recovering the bodies. After analysis he proved they were alive on impact with the water. The Navy kept this a secret for years and only recently was

Nicholas weighs in on today’s politics and policy.


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