The Younger Generation

Reaching The Younger Generation 

Walk With Frank mission statements is to educate through a variety of media and education programs. Throughout my 30 years work I’ve touched countless students about the realities of our society. One such School is Archbishop Curly High School in Baltimore Maryland. 

I haven’t presented at Curly in many years but my message remains part of their teaching philosophy. When the faculty heard of my campaign to bring awareness and hope they immediately sprang into action. The Curly Family as they like to be called had a “Walk With Frank Day” and raised $1,700 to support my campaign. This is an honest open dedication by the younger generation to support veterans and veteran issues. 

My thanks go out to the entire Curly Family so I decided to thank them publicly to allow them to see where their donations go. I’m presently living at a Veterans Home meeting and documenting the lives of veterans. After a donated dinner by local neighbors we as veteran residents of Putnam County Veterans Residence Home thanked them with this video. 

Notice, like any family unit they play jokes and prank each other in a loving and caring way. They welcomed me in with open arms and shared whatever they had. 

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