United Veterans Beacon House

United Veterans Beacon House 

The remaining 10 days of my journey will be walking through Nassau and Suffolk County’s of which the bulk will be spent on Sunrise Highway Rt 27. I’ll be living in several Beacon House Shelters along the way depending on my location. Beacon House and I have partnered several times over the years so they’re familiar with my work. 

Beacon House is a not-for-profit organization that was founded in 1994. The headquarters is located on Union Blvd in Bay Shore my hometown. It has established itself as the crown jewel of veteran housing, outreach programs, and is known as a full service organization serving all of Long Island. 

On Long Island Beacon House provides housing in 42 separate locations throughout Nassau and Suffolk County’s. On any given day over 255 men, women, and children from the tri-state area benefit from their programs. They address homelessness, physical disabilities, PTSD, traumatic brain injury, mental health issues, and addiction. Non veterans, too, have access to housing, drug/alcohol addiction services, and job skills/readiness development programs. 

For those in need of housing, Beacon House places each person or family in a home and program that best supports their individual needs. Of the 42 housing locations, 19 are for veterans only, one of which is dedicated exclusively to female veterans. 

Non-veteran housing includes 4 congregate emergency shelters for families and one home for non-veteran women for drug/alcohol addiction. The remainder of housing serves non-veterans. 

Thank you Beacon House

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