We Are All Veterans

At heart we are all veterans. We are a veteran, we live with a veteran, we know a veteran and we are touched by them every day.

Walking Rt 5 heading east I came across American Legion Post 294 with cars in the parking lot. It was mid day mid week so I gave Nadine, my hiking partner for the day, a look and we both turned in. Introcing ourseselves to a group of ladies making decorations and chatting like there was no tomorrow we told our story. The minute we said the word veteran they embraced us as if we were long lost relatives. Welcome to our lodge!

These are the Ladies Auxiliary Of American Legion Post 294 and they were proud of it. These are the women that held America together when there husbands went off to war during WWII. These are the women that collected copper, brass, newspapers, and worked the factories of America for the war effort. This was the face of the homefront we had stumbled upon and they were still at it.

Every war has 2 fronts and every war needs a homefront. Today we are the homefront, we send our citizens off to war, we welcome them home, we hold their jobs, and we attend to their wounds seen and unseen. We reach out to their families with guidance and hope to reattach that thread we as Americans hold dear.

Today I breeth a breath of fresh air, today I energized my soul, today I touched the human spirit…..today I met the Ladies Auxiliary Of The American Legion Post 294.


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