This site is dedicated to a long overdue change in the way we approach education. It’s about reality based teaching and using real people with real stories infused into mainstream curriculum to create a learning experience. It goes beyond the text books and GOOGLE searches to bring history and current affairs to life.



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“This documentary should be considered an essential briefing for any human being who has suffered the costs of war, and any who love them, as a roadmap to recovery” New York State Senator John Brooks (Chair for Veterans Affairs)


Walk With Frank is a film about self-discovery, mental health, and one man’s journey towards understanding and embracing his trauma.

Frank was one of the first veterans to be officially diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. For years, doctors had called it “war fatigue,” “shell shock” or “depressive neurosis. ”As the study of PTSD progressed, so did Frank’s understanding of his illness and how to live with it.

Walk With Frank mirrors the evolution of PTSD in our nation’s history as Frank, like many others, struggled for so long to understand the changes that his mind and body was going through.


“An insightful detailed retrospection of traumatic experiences while clearly illustrating the societal need to begin looking at mental health openly without stigma. Brett Smith, (History Department Toms River North High School, New Jersey)


As Frank began his metamorphosis and understanding of his illness, he knew this information was too important not to share. He began a lifelong commitment to teach and share what he has learned. For 30 years Frank has traveled the country with his groundbreaking award-winning education programs. His accolades include two congressional citations and several New York State Senate Education awards. He is a recipient of the prestigious Liberty Medal and SCOPE Award for outstanding citizenship.

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“If you put one foot in front of the other, pretty soon you’re out the door.” – Frank Romeo


To reach a larger audience Frank has made Walk With Frank and his education programs available on a platform for use in classrooms, assemblies, and workshops. All programs are reality based with real people with real stories. Each program deals with today’s issues and touches post trauma, suicide, homelessness, and the family unit. All programs are compatible with Psychology, American History, World History, Humanities, and Art Therapy.

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“The universal message of overcoming adversity is ever present. It’s a message for everyone of all ages, races and religions. Kathleen Maskell, (College Prep Coordinator, Archbishop Curley High School, Baltimore MD)

Single Use
6 Month Unlimited Access 
12 Month Unlimited Access

Educational Institutions, Mental Health Organizations, and Veterans Groups can access the film and programs with unlimited access. Walk With Frank is available for classroom work and home study or can be the subject of a school assembly. The classroom edition breaks down the full-length feature into manageable segments of thought-provoking topics that cover today’s issues. These topics can be followed by the student watching the full-length feature at home.


“Incredibly powerful.” – Rachel Estroff, (Chief of Staff to New York State Education Chair Senator Shelley Mayer)


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Walk With Frank, Inc. (EIN 82-3694913) is a registered not-for-profit 501-C3 tax exempt organization with a mission statement to educate in the area of mental health specifically post trauma, suicide, and homelessness.