Andrew Christman

What is it like to have a camera in your face for hours on end and what is the result? Who is the friend, the camera or the cameraman and why does it matter? Meet Andrew Christman!

Andrew Christman followed me around New York State with his tripod, camera, and upbeat personality through good and bad days. Each time we met we would talk for awhile then he’d say, “let’s have some fun”. At that point I knew it was time to walk the walk and talk the talk and that great big camera came out of the case.

I can’t count the days we walked in the rain through mud soaked streets and driving rain. He followed me into stores, restaurants, and a veterans shelter. He walked across bridges in traffic to get that perfect shot while all the time laughing and talking me through every shoot. Sometimes he’d disappear and I’d turn a corner and trip over him lying on the sidewalk. I’d stop to tie my boots and the camera lens was on the ground documenting my efforts.

On Memorial Day one of Andrew’s many efforts aired throughout the greater New York Area, Long Island, Westchester, Rockland, and up the Hudson to Albany.

Andrew is not only a reporter he is my friend and he will be there at the end doing what he does best, telling a story. Thank you Andrew see you at the finish line my friend. 

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