The PTSD Pandemic-Funding Mental Health

The PTSD Pandemic
“the crisis after the crisis”

Created by
Frank Romeo
Produced by
MAYERS | Films

Funding Mental Health
…..”November 27, 2019….. I was contacted by New York State Legislator Mike LePetri. Governor Cuomo was cutting funds for the “Dwyer Program”, a peer to peer support program for veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder….. Assemblyman LePetri asked me to make a video explaining the relevance, need, and success of the “Dwyer Program” and send it to Governor Cuomo…..without reservation I did”…..

New York State was bankrupted in 2019 before the Pandemic, moving forward, it’s in a worse financial situation far beyond anyone’s expectations. What does funding mental health look like moving forward?

NYS Social Services Committee
…..” I believe we are going into a mental health crisis but I also believe we are going in a financial crisis… “Funding Mental Health” you will meet Assemblyman LePetri from New York State’s Social Services Committee”…..

45 minutes


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