Frank Romeo…..”the last time we fought for our homeland and our way of life was the Civil War, since then it’s been an away game and our team has been on the road. For the last 150 years we’ve sent our children to war mentally unprepared”…..

The Walk With Frank project is a serious attempt to change policy and alter an archaic systemic approach to war. We need change for the future mental health of our veteran community. We owe it to them. 

At 70 years old I am backpacking 800 miles across New York State and living in Homeless Shelters and I will be homeless for 3 months. I am bringing awareness to issues (PTSD, suicide, homelessness) we need to have a conversation about at the educational level. 


I need funding to complete my mission. Please buy one of my quality Tee shirts, Long Sleeve Shirts, or Posters. 

By buying one of my products you make a statement that says we need change and we need it now! 

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