March 5th and 6th

The term “Road Trip” takes on new meaning when your living in extreme conditions. Many days are in the single digits coupled with heavy winds so if it doesn’t snow there are always flurries blowing in your face.

I spend a lot of time alone as I walk, alone in my own thoughts. Even if I have a partner my mind travels the PTSD Highway back to its inception. On the outside I’m outgoing and I always have a conversation but my mind plays it’s game of in and out of trauma laced thoughts. It’s the trademark of PTSD.

Yesterday I hiked better than 12 miles in frigid cold thinking every step of the way. My journey has taken me to this place and time yet in an instance I’m back to its inception. Thoughts of “what if’s and had I” reveal the raw nature of regrets. Accepting my condition was a major step and the hardest, that first step always is.

The first step of anything, whether it be attending an unfamiliar situation or the first day of school, is the hardest. Imagine accepting you have a psychological disorder and revealing to others.

…..”my name is Frank Romeo and I have a psychology problem, I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”…..

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  1. Hi Frank, I am so happy and proud of you that you were able to pull this together and make it happen. You have persevered in life and made it through tough times, and now you are persevering through some tough weather and living conditions. I’m sure this effort will raise awareness around the issues you care so much about. I hope to catch up to you in Syracuse. If you or one of your helpers have the time please let me know who your contact is in Onondaga County so I can get your plans when passing through here.I’d like to participate.

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