Pipe Dream

Binghamton University

She called it “Living History” as we sat and talked for almost an hour. Erin, a reporter for Pipe Dream, reports for an online and hard copy newsletter. Published by Binghamton University this publication is read by thousands of students and alumni throughout the country. 

My message seems to be resonating amongst the younger generation as a preview for the new curriculum. Laying the foundation for our future veterans is just as important as attending to our present ones. Erin not only reported her findings but we immersed ourselves into the social aspects of today’s youth. We agreed on education as a key factor in mental health in this country. 

…..”I’m connecting with our youth and it’s vital to the success of my mission. Walk With Frank advocates for all veterans…..past, present, and future”…..

Check back on Thursday as Erin’s article reaches the media outlets. 



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