Simply Different

  1. Opinions, everyone has one.

As I get older I see things being a little more less “right or wrong” and a little more of simply “being different”. Such is the case of Stevie and I.

Today I interviewed one of my oldest friends in the world. We can remember playing Little League together but chances are we could have played in the same sandbox as well.

When the War came and the draft as well those very sandbox kids took sides. Pro, anti, and just “I don’t give a dam” creeped into our lives without us knowing. In the beginning if you were going people wished you well and if you were not going people wished you well. It was the return that somehow got ugly.

The Vietnam Veteran stood for everything America hated at the time and had no problem expressing it. Soldiers were spit on and ridiculed as second class citizens. Thus a generation of men went underground refusing to speak about their feelings and emotions. This was the beginning of PTSD as we know it today.

The “Perfect Storm”!

Never in the history of mankind had so many men turned 18 as in the mid sixties. The “Baby Boomers”, the largest number of births in a generation, turned 18 at once. Coupled with an Imperialistic Government the draft was born. What better way to fuel a war than by tapping into the largest manpower pool ever assembled. The Baby Boomers.

Life’s journey took Stevie and I in different directions and now life’s journey has brought us back. There is no more “right and wrong” there is only a difference of opinion.

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