May is Mental Health Awareness Month and I’ve been busy traveling around New York State promoting the Walk With Frank Initiative for PTSD. From the chamber floor in the Capital Building talking with policy makers and promoting PTSD awareness to the soup kitchens of Albany my journey has been exciting. Staying with Brian and Laura Matthews as their house guest these gracious people allowed me to enter their world. Besides their busy day to day life they take time each Sunday to feed the homeless. As tired as they are they push themselves to get up early on their day of rest and cook for 100 unfortunate souls in downtown Albany. It’s people and events like this that fuel my journey.

Staint Mary’s outreach program is a joint effort between Catholic and Jewish organizations.

Volunteers preparing chili, salad, greens, and deserts for today’s luncheon.

Awaiting the afternoon rush the dinning hall is set to accommodate the hungry of Albany as a few early people arrive. No one gets turned down. 

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