The Bronx

…..”the Bronx is up and the Battery’s down…..the people ride in a hole in the ground…..New York, New York it’s a hell of a town “….. 

I was singing that song as I walked through the Bronx. I don’t know who sang it or where it’s from, probably a Broadway show tune from whenever. 

I walked The Grand Concourse as I transversed The Bronx today. Several people shook my head and said welcome to The Bronx. News 47 Telemundo TV interviewed me in Spanish. As the camera rolled a news reporter translated my words to the Latin American community of western Bronx.  

I walked to Yankee Stadium to try and get in to the main office. I figured maybe the Yankees would want to welcome Walk With Frank to the Bronx. I was told I had to put my request in writing ahead of time. This is ahead of time I told them. It didn’t happen! Lmao 

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