The PTSD Pandemic

Walk With Frank | Podcast Series

The PTSD Pandemic

“the crisis after the crisis”

…..”Some say I have an energy that transcends the norm allowing for others to visualize what they normally wouldn’t see. 30 years ago I created a PTSD learning experience before anyone ever heard the term. 10 years ago I traveled to other countries to study PTSD on the world stage. 3 years ago I warned of a crisis and created the Walk With Frank initiative to bring awareness to our pending situation…..”I believe we are heading for a mental health crisis like no other”…..182 countries have confirmed COVID-19 cases and leading the way is the United States far exceeding its counterparts….. Education programs are set in place to combat my growing concerns and lay the foundation for recovery and set new standards in education”…..

Real People with Real Stories

Walk With Frank continues to educate with a series of 45 minute interviews with interesting people associated with mental health, education, and predictions of “the crisis after the crisis”. Please join me for The PTSD Pandemic.

All comments, questions, and suggestions for myself or any of my guests will be answered in comments.

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