Veteran Healthcare

You would think with today’s technology a veteran can walk into any Veterans Administration on American soil and get immediate healthcare. Not so!

You would think a 100% disabled veteran would be fast tracked to the head of the line. Not so!

You would think that all Veterans Administration Healthcare are the same and have interchangeable parts with access to immediate records. Not so.

The fluidness of different departments to work together within the same facility was desperately lacking. I was sent from one department to another trying to solve the same problem. Each department had an opinion all their own which of course differed from the others.

It was at the 4th department I was told I was in the wrong dental clinic and I was asked to leave and go downtown to yet another facility. I was dropped off 4 hours ago and didn’t have any means to get there. At that point I was told to go out into the street and wait for a shuttle.

Getting close to 4 o’clock and 5 hours into my adventure everyone was eager to go home. That’s when I saw a doctor but not just any doctor, I saw the wrong doctor. I needed a doctor capable of performing a root canal and this was not one. I was told I had to come back on the 27th five days from now. Five and a half hours later I was sent away in pain without as much as an aspirin.

Veterans not only suffer from the issues of war but they suffer from a broken healthcare system.


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