New York State Trooper Barracks A

Troop A covers from the western tip of New York State (Niagara Falls) to the eastern boundary of Genesee County and from the northern border near Canada to the sounthern boundary near Pennsylvania. This is a tremendous area to cover and 1st Sergeant Joe Wilkinson commands it all. Under his watch hundreds of troopers take care of the needs of the masses. Other than the big cities like Buffalo and Rochester which have their own police force each little hamlet depends on these troopers for help and guidance.

As I walked the hallways of Troop A Barracks I couldn’t help feel the pride in these men. A Veterans Wall of Honor, a monument to the fallen, and a history of New York State Troopers all reflecting a sense of dedication and country.

Hard at work these are our veterans who have chosen to continue to serve our country. 80% of everyone I met at Troop A have served in the military.

I spent an hour touring the facility and sharing stories of our service. I listened to their stories as I shared mine. We exchanged gifts as a momentum of my visit. They posted pics of the Walk With Frank Team on their website to share our story and alert the other troops of our arrival. This week we enter Troop E district and meet more of our states veterans.

Welcome Home Troop A we salute you.



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