Vietnam Era

I’m joined all the time by people wanting to be part of my walk. Some are veterans and some are not, but all want to join in and share.

Meet Paul Priggon a Vietnam Era Veteran still serving his country in the most unusual of ways.  Paul is retired and volunteers at the local Canandaigua Veterans Hospital in the very community in which he lives.

What is so unusual about Paul? It is not his volunteering to help others that is unusual it’s what he does after he dedicates his time that I find interesting.

At age 72 Paul has dedicated the later part of his life to documenting the stories of our veterans. Certified by the Library of Congress for their archives division Paul interviews the very veterans he helps. As a volunteer he sends his findings to the Library of Congress for future research to help our veterans.

A New York State Veteran behind the scenes still serving his country. Bravo Paul Priggon.


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