St. Albans Military Hospital

Visiting St. Albans Military Hospital on my Walk was a milestone in closure for me. After being medically evacuated from Vietnam then Japan I was flown to the military hospital for numerous surgeries and rehabilitation.

Walking the halls and wards of this once famous war machine hospital brought tears to my eyes yet closure to my heart. I felt the energy change from that once demon like feeling to the now embracing, healing, and comfortable energy needed for our veterans.

I had the opportunity to interview several PTSD health clinicians and leaders in the field. After hours of direct one on one exchanges I of course visited with the veterans for yet another one on one more palatable experiences.

The results of my findings throughout my 3 1/2 months experience will be shared in my upcoming documentary.

Funds are desperately needed to continue my groundbreaking work. Please donate or contact me to help further a better understanding of PTSD, Mental Health, and the veteran community.

Posted by VA NY Harbor Healthcare System on Tuesday, June 11, 2019


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  1. Frank,
    Congratulations on completing your inspirational hike across NYS. It was an honor to meet you. I pray you emerged from the walk with good health and no nagging injuries.
    Regarding the funding for your documentary, I sent Jon Hoek some information on how to contact Peter Hegseth, an Army combat veteran. He helps many veterans groups. He was actually a serious candidate for Dir of the VA. I recommend you send him and email with links or attachments informing him about the honors you garnered during your walk; especially the NYS Legislature ceremony. You should send the email to attention Peter Hegseth and follow up with a phone call 888-369-4762. You may also connect with him through Facebook using the Fox Nation account. Good luck with the documentary. Regards, Paul

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