The Big Apple


its not a pretty sight nor a pretty walk but I’ve officially reached the outskirts of New York City. On a chilly rainy day I walked from Yonkers NY in Westchester County to the foot of the Henry Hudson Bridge. His Bridge is one of three bridges that connect The Bronx with Manhattan. I won’t enter Manhattan until Wednesday May 22nd. I plan to walk across the George Washington Bridge during the first day of Fleet Week. Should be a festive day!

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  1. Dear Frank, Thank you for bringing attention to the inadequate care our service people are getting through the years not only for PTSD but for all needs. You are also helping America to drop the stigma of needing our mental health cared for not just our physical health. Please know I have many feelings that I can’t put into words being only a few years younger than you, being old enough to understand about war and Vietnam. Thank you, thank you for your efforts! Linda in Buffalo

    1. Lind, thank you for reaching out to me. It was my pleasure to visit Buffalo and begin my journey. We must continue to attack the stigma surrounding mental health in this country. We must also advocate for better health care for our veterans. Frank

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